La Croix de St. Clement 2015

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Tasting Notes: This wine shows up in a shiny dress. We find this same brightness in the nose where the fruit mixes with grilled tastes. The harmony impression is present throughout the tasting. Service: Served directly from the bottle kept at 16°C. This wine goes great with steak, Teppan, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki or other meat dishes.
¥2,500 (¥2,750 tax-included)
Wine Growing: Selection of the best soils in the appellation. Winemaking: Harvested just when the berries have reached their higher maturity degree. This improves the winemaking. The maceration lasts 3 weeks during which the temperatures are regularly controlled. The wine is aged in our vats room and is bottled at the Chateau. Aging: during 12 months in oak barrels, half of which are new( this is a selection of the best cuvées fromvines of at least 25 years old). Soil: Clay-silt (the vineyard is planted on what used to bemarshland of the Gironde). Area: 10 Hectares Average Production: 50hl/ha Age of the vineyard: 25 years on average. Plant Density: 5 500 vines/hectare. AverageProduction: 675 Hectolitre.
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Type of Wine Red
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation A.O.C. Red - Bordeaux
Alcohol 13%
Wine Variety 80 % Merlot 20 % Cabernet-sauvignon
Vintage 2015
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