Lange Twins Pinot Nior 2017

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A true handcrafted wine made in a Burgundian style with native-malolactic fermentation and twelve months of neutral French oak barrel aging, our 2015 Pinot Noir is a wine with finesse. The aroma and flavors of dried cherries with floral elements of lavender and rose create a welcoming balance. Finishing with a smooth texture, alongside structure and depth, make this a well-rounded wine. Certified Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing Food Pairing Notes Cheese: Brie / Meat: Lamb, Tuna / Sauce: Light Red / Dessert: Créme Brulee
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Vineyard Notes Located in the Clarksburg Appellation below sea level, our Pinot Noir vineyard’s nutrients and water levels are continuously monitored to ensure the winegrapes develop strong flavors during the growing season. Together with cool breezes from San Francisco Bay that help preserve acidity in the ripening fruit, we are able to grow a balanced winegrape. Production Notes The heavy rains in December 2014 coupled with sporadic spring storms slightly eased the early season vine stress due to California’s ongoing drought conditions. Warm windy days and cooler than average nights in April and May led to slow crop development as well as small berry and cluster sizes. We did see warmer than average temperatures in June and typical July weather that resulted in an early, intense harvest with lower yields on average. The season began almost three weeks ahead of normal and was completed by the end of September. Throughout the season, we worked hard to keep up with the fast paced harvest to deliver winegrapes at the optimal time with our winemaking team loving the concentrated colors and fruit flavors.
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Type of Wine Red
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation California, Clarksburg
Alcohol 14.2%
Wine Variety Pinot Noir
Vintage 2017
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