MONTE DEI COCCI Negroamaro 2017

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Tasting notes: Color: ruby red color with garnet notes; Bouquet: full, powerful, with notes of candied orange peel, tangerines plum, pepper, cinnamon and floral bouquet; Taste: tannic, elegant, warm and pervasive. Food pairings: Its strong tannins make it suitable to accompany meat dishes or full flavoured and elaborate first courses. Service temperatureo: about 16°- 18°C
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«…across the Monte dei Cocci Valley, strewn with shards of crock from ancient times and known locally as Crock land, the indigenous and international grapes ripen sweetly under the intense sun… sending their roots into the cool limestone soil…» ------ “Tenute Girolamo” is at the heart of the Itria Valley, testament to the great love of one family for its land. The first vines were planted in about 2001 and work was completed in 2006. The dedication and boundless energy, of the Girolamo family now reveal themselves in the ‘50 hectare of vineyard in which there are the finest indigenous Pugliese grapes as well as renowned grapes from around the world. We combine research into modern approaches with traditional methods in all our choices and selections. In this way we are able to bring you elegant wines, sought after and appreciated the world over. In every bottle, drop by drop, you appreciate the tireless devotion of the Girolamo family. The future will be a continuing quest for perfection, combining innovation with experience and our unstoppable passion with nature. In each bottle, drop by drop, we rediscover the relentless tenacity of the Girolamo family. The growth is the result of continuous pursuit of quality, which meets innovation and knowledge, where the irrepressible passion blends with nature. Production area: Itria Valley, 450 mt on the sea level. Soil: Mixed calcarious clay. Vinification: After a soft maceration and fermentation in french oak tank follow a maturation in French oak barrels for 4/6 months; the process to complete with aging in bottles for 6 months.
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Type of Wine Red
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation Negroamaro I.G.P. Puglia
Alcohol 13.5%
Wine Variety 100% Negroamaro
Vintage 2017
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